Friday, April 9, 2010

Gold Breaking Out of Trading Range

Have you been paying attention to the price of gold lately? It appears to be breaking out of a trading range and has pushed past resistance at $1135 per ounce. As I write this, spot gold is trading over $1157. The latest push has been ascribed to uncertainty surrounding the financial situation of Greece.

I find this interesting since the last time investors were concerned about the financial crisis, the dollar was allegedly the beneficiary of the uncertainty. I find it hard to believe that this could be the sole reason. While it may be part of the equation, I think that many investors are setting up for the inflation trade.

I, for one, have felt that the Fed will be late in raising interest rates just as they were late in lowering them and raising them the time before. It would be almost guaranteed that they will do little before November elections. You can bet the political pressure is enormous. For this reason, I see inflation as a potentially huge concern in the next several years. Just look at what the price of oil has done lately also, and you will see that the concern is unlikely limited to the Greek situation.

Have you benefitted from the gold trade? I have seen my holdings in Goldcorp go up in the last several weeks although not as much as I would have expected. My Silver Wheaton stock has done very well over the past week since the price of silver is also doing well. You should definitely consider investing in a little gold and silver since I see several more years (maybe up to 10) left in this commodity super cycle.

Until next time--Keep it real!

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